Wahoo crafted from Stainless Steel & mounted to Aluminum Wave

Wahoo on Wave
Stainless Steel Fish and Aluminum Wave

Mission Statement

As a metal artist and sculptor, my goal is to bring life, warmth and dimension to a hard, cold and flat material. 
I take pride in making stainless steel come alive.

The uniqueness of what I do is to help people fuse their visions,
mostly in metal. 
The best collaboration is when I can help create art that is meaningful and often functional. 
I like producing art that won't be found, or even more importantly, pieces people don't want to find in typical retail establishments.

Kinetic treatment of fish, birds and plants are my specialty. 
This evolves from 40+ years along and in the bayous of South Louisiana.
My love for fishing, hunting and birding feeds my mind's eye.
Working with others who share an appreciation or simply a curiousness of nature is a rewarding way to earn a living and continue learning and growing.

Mitch has been working with the public to create their own visions since 2005.  Prior to that, he was working & creating things for his home and friends.